Reports from 2017 Chamber AGM

The Chamber’s AGM was held on Monday 20 November at Captains at the Bay. Thanks to all members who attended.

John Gorman, gave the President’s report for the 2016-17 year. A transcript can be found here.

Emily Stephens presented the audited accounts. The accounts can be found here.

The following members were voted on to the Committee:

John Gorman (President)

John Riches (Vice President)

Emily Stephens (Treasurer)

Sylvia Rennick (Secretary)

Nick Polgeest, Trish Goodlet, Charles Lear, Denis Morrissy, Daniel Kay, Lisa Stephenson and Michael Nyhof (Ordinary members)

The Hon Richard Riordan, member for Polwarth, addressed the membership. A summary of his innovative ideas for raising revenue along the Great Ocean Road can be found here.