The Apollo Bay Chamber of Commerce Inc. (ABCC) is an incorporated body comprising a member base of local businesses and individuals operating in Apollo Bay and the surrounding Otway Ranges.

Apollo Bay is a prosperous seaside fishing village in a rugged setting with a self-reliant, hard working character competing in a global market of world class destinations.
The purpose of the association is to foster a professional and collaborative business sector and to promote the economic well-being of Apollo Bay and district.
The Chamber is a champion of local character and a driver of local prosperity with a vision for a more prosperous and livable community where people can sustain a quality lifestyle doing the things they love.
1. The Chamber is a key organization for advocating to key government authorities and associated organisations about issues that influence and impact the character, economy and livability of our town and community
2. To liaise with and strive to co-ordinate the activities of the various community groups, committees and local government departments that affect the physical and social makeup of Apollo Bay and district.

Executive Committee

The Current Executive Committee is:

President: Bob Knowles

Vice President: John Gorman

Secretary: Sylvia Rennick

Treasurer: Emily Stephens

Committee members:  Markus Nolle, Charles Lear, Kevin O’Connell, Nick Polgeest, Lisa Stephenson, Pat Mackle, Fern Rainbow, Sally Cannon

Executive Officer: Roderick Poole

The Executive Committee meets monthly, generally on the first Monday of the month.

Rules of Association

The Chamber Rules of Association can be downloaded here.